Cromwell To Open Today?

There are rumors that the former Bills Gamblin Hall & Saloon may reopen today at 4pm as The Cromwell with a soft opening. The rumors would seem to make sense as a lot of the property seems to be done although we don’t expect Giada’s restaurant or Drai’s rooftop pool and club to open, as work still needs to be done on them. The planned grand opening of The Cromwell is a month away on May 21st and at that time we should get a complete view of what’s looking to be a promising property.


Wild West and Las Vegas In 1969

The collection of Pathe newsreels from the 1900′s of has been added to You Tube, the historical collection from the former British news agency includes a treasure trove of reporting of major events in history as well as the more whimsical. Most of the newsreels are in black and white but there are some color ones such as the above report about the Wild West and Las Vegas in 1969. If you want to just get to seeing how Las Vegas was in 1969 just skip ahead in the above video to see some of the great resorts from the past .

Red Rock To Get $35 Million Remodel

Red Rock Fountain Sign - CopyHere at Las Vegas Inside Out we are fans of the beautiful off Strip property Red Rock Resort owned by Station Casinos. Its location at the edge of the Valley means most tourists won’t visit the property but if you are driving in to Las Vegas and have time its worth checking out. A upgrade of the property has been announced with a $35 million of 26 of its high end suites as well as a renovation of The Spa At Red Rock. The most visible part of the changes to most will be the new Restaurant Row being created which will add new restaurants to its mix. The addition of new dining options at Red Rock isn’t really a surprise as several restaurants such as Pink’s, LBS and Hachi have closed recently.

Downtown Grand ‘Picnic’ Area Opens

Downtown GrandWhen plans were announced about turning the former closed Lady Luck in to the Downtown Grand one of the areas that got a lot of discussion was the new rooftop pool being added to the remodeled hotel. Apart from the pool with the usual cabanas etc. one feature that got attention was the picnic area near it; the picnic area was to feature real grass and be available for locals events such as screening movies on the rooftop. Well the real grass idea was replaced by the fake kind my guess, irrigating real grass on a roof of a casino isn’t an easy thing to do but the space is still there and just opened. No word yet on planned events for the space although ads for the new urban rooftop pool experience do say that public access is subject to availability. Downtown is short of hotel pools so this opening is welcome and a public lawn area for events sounds interesting we will have to see how often its used for that. The space can also rented for wedding receptions for 1,500 guests which maybe become a popular space for that but lets hope the space is available for public access events often too.

Wolfgang Puck Book Signing Today

Forum Shops At Night

Today celebrity chef pioneer Wolfgang Puck the owner of numerous restaurants across Las Vegas and the United States will host a book signing at one of his restaurants the Las Vegas version of Spago in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. The former  Food Network ‘Iron Chef’ will sign copies of his new book called Wolfgang Puck Makes it Healthy from 2 to 4pm. Guest who buy the book at the signing will be able to sample signature bites of food made by Spago.

High Roller To Open Soon

High Roller Ticket Machines

High Roller ticket machines ready for maybe Monday opening.

In a recent article we mentioned that the High Roller observation wheel at the Linq was close to opening with an projected opening by the end of March.  The worlds tallest observation wheel has received its operating permit so its free to open soon. Starting today at 2pm until about 8pm and then continuing Saturday and Sunday groups of Caesars Entertainment employees will be the first lucky ones to ride the observation wheel; If the employee rides go well the High Roller could be opening soon maybe even as soon as Monday. Ticket prices for the ride will depend on the time of day and range in price from $25 to  $35 with times such as evenings, weekends or holidays most likely on the higher end of pricing.

Silver Sevens Visit

Silver Sevens Sign

The Silver Sevens is the new name for what many years was Terribles which was owned by the Herbst family yes the same company that owns those car washes, gas stations and tune up shops around town. Since Affinity Gaming took over the property and changed the name to Silver Sevens we were curious how the new owners have changed the property other than the name as well as signage out front. The former Terribles was known for inexpensive food deals and promotional giveaways well the inexpensive food deals are still there but not so much the giveaways oh well. I ate the buffet for lunch it was really inexpensive but the selection was really limited which wasn’t that surprising for an inexpensive buffet but the quality wasn’t great although the salad bar was good. If you are looking for an inexpensive buffet the Gold Coast or any other Boyd or Station buffet might be a better option but if you are here it serves its purpose. The casino itself seems mostly unchanged other than a few things such as the players club which is now called the ‘A Play Club’ booth being moved. The casino has high ceiling which has made it a favorite for customers who don’t like smoky low ceiling casinos. If you want to check out the Silver Sevens its over towards the Hard Rock area of town and its hotel rooms are pretty good value for money.

Soup Of The Day Sign

We love this sign for the soup of the day posted outside one of the restaurants at the Hard Rock

We love this sign for the soup of the day posted outside one of the restaurants at the Hard Rock

High Roller Entrance

High Roller EntranceThe above picture is what will be the entrance to the High Roller observation wheel at the Linq or at least it will be when the High Roller starts operating. Inside the entrance two ladies who were brand ambassadors were there, but when i asked when the High Roller is opening they said by the end of the month but wouldn’t say when. The High Roller looks ready to go, they were testing it during the day and at night it is lit up so an announcement on the exact opening date i’m sure isn’t far away.

Sprinkles Cup Cakes Opens Today

Sprinkles Cupcakes

As you can see in the picture above, today is the day that Sprinkles opens their location today at the Linq. The company is known for their cupcakes such as the Red Velvet cupcake and other flavors using higher end ingredients than you would usually find in a cupcake as well as their cupcake atm; Yes I did say cupcake atm it’s a atm that dispenses cupcakes instead of money and as you see in the picture a man was testing it out for the opening which is a pretty good job if you ask me. A year or so ago the cupcake store was a little bit of a fad and several stores opened such as the one at the Plaza which has since closed; But this is the company that started the trend and got all the exposure on television shows and, with a great location at the Linq they should do well. At the grand opening today is Holly Madison a favorite of this site who will be the first one to use the cupcake atm so if you are close by check out the event.