Legends Locals Deal

Flamingo Fountain

Fountain at the Flamingo

The long running tribute show ‘Legends In Concert’ at the Flamingo has a special promotion just for Las Vegas locals with a $9.95 ticket price for the next couple of months. The $9.95 price is the original price when the show opened in 1983 back in the days when you could get a dinner buffet for $4.99 instead of $35 like today. To get the low ticket price a valid local id must be present and there is a limit of six tickets which is an amazingly good deal. The celebrity look alike performers change from time to time but the current lineup usually includes Elvis, Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Steven Tyler and Michael Jackson so contact the Flamingo box office for more information.

Feast Buffet At Sunset Station

2015-02-25 07.24.37It had been a while since i checked out a buffet at Station Casino’s which is a chain of resorts across Las Vegas which cater to the locals. I have visited buffets before at Red Rock and Palace Station so as i was in the area the $5.99 breakfast buffet deal for their players club members (also its free to join). I arrived at the 8am opening and was greeted with long lines so i hit the slot floor for a bit and won a nice bonus on a slot machine, thanks for that Sunset Station hopefully i was going to have as much luck with my buffet. After the line died down a bit i waited in the line which wasn’t short but wasn’t as long as before, thankfully the line moved quickly. After i paid i waited for what seemed like forever as people in the line with the higher players club status were let in as i waited, i guess my Total Rewards status won’t help me in a Station property oh well. Eventually i got seated and check out the breakfast buffet which had a good selection for a $5.99 buffet including breakfast buffet standards like make a omelette to order station as well as the usual breakfast staples. A nice server then brought me my drinks an orange juice and a pot of coffee with a plastic mug for the coffee that looked like it was made for a kid so they don’t spill, maybe they have seen me drink before when i haven’t had my morning coffee yet. I always like it when they give you a pot of coffee at a buffet instead of waiting for the server to come around again, the orange juice was freshly out of the can oh well. The food tasted very good and before you say its tough to mess up eggs the former Sahara on the Strip was able too with no problem. One item that was a little unusual was pears on flat bread, yes it was strange but tasted okay but i don’t think places such as the Wynn will be adding this item anytime soon. One final note if you are used to paying $20 or more for breakfast on the Strip with unusual ingredients this buffet might not be for you but if you have a car and or want to save some money this buffet isn’t a bad choice.

Quick Option Downtown To Strip

Bonneville Transit Center 4-11-2011 11-04-17 PM 3072x2304If you want to get from Downtown on Fremont Street to the Strip or vice versa, you could take a cab which is quick but a little expensive; Another option would be the Deuce the double decker that stops frequently as it travels the Strip another option would Strip and Downtown Express the tram like bus which has fewer stops but still travels the busy Strip. The option I use if I want to get quickly from the MGM Grand area of the Strip to Downtown and Fremont Street quickly is the Westcliff Airport Express; The Westcliff Airport Express is yes an express bus that runs to the Mc Carren Airport but it also has a stop near Hooters and the Tropicana near the Strip across from the MGM. The buses run from about 5am to 10pm every 30 minutes and, has a few stops Downtown but after that it takes the freeway past the Strip before exiting at Tropicana so it makes it a quick trip without numerous stops and traffic on the Strip. If you are at the Downtown end and want to head to the MGM area of the Strip the bus stop the side of Binion’s is the easiest place to catch it.

Shadow Bar At Caesars Palace Closes

Ceasars Palace FountainsA longtime fixture at Caesars Palace the Shadow Bar has closed down with no word yet on what will replace it. The Shadow Bar was featured many years ago in a show about Caesars Palace on A&E where a girl wanted to become a Shadow Dancer.  A Shadow Dancer was where woman with great body’s danced behind a screen which silhouetted their outlines to the ultra lounge patrons on the other side. It was sexy without nudity but it looked like they could be naked even though they weren’t. The Shadow Bar had a long run and may have closed because of the on going revamp at Caesars Palace but the format may have run its course anyways.

Luxor Hotel After Opening In 1993

The above video courtesy of the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas shows how the property looked not long after the opening in 1993. Back when the property opened it had a full Egyptian theme which over recent years they have tried to tone down which is tough when your property is a pyramid. Its cool to see the attractions that were their at the time of opening soon of which we don’t even remember.

One Way To Start The Day In Las Vegas

Steak and egg bagel with a large coffee at Dunkin Donuts at the Fremont

Steak and egg bagel with a large coffee at Dunkin Donuts at the Fremont

So what do you when you wake up at 4am in your hotel bed in Downtown Las Vegas and are hungry there are a few good options to eat pancakes at Du Pars at the Golden Gate, specials at Magnolia Cafe at Four Queens or even breakfast at Benny’s Bullpen at Binions. The solution as i am staying in the Fremont is an elevator ride to the casino for a steak and egg bagel sandwich with a large coffee at Dunkin Donuts which filled the need. The Dunkin Donut location at the Fremont is open twenty four hours a day if you want to check it out and now im thinking about pancakes at Du Pars can you have breakfast for two meals a day, i think i may have too.

Daylight Hiring Today

Daylight Beach Club SignThe latest in a string of hirings for the Summer pool day club scene is today and continues tomorrow this time for the Daylight Beach Club at Mandalay Bay. Daylight was recently taken over by Hakkasan which will host the event at its large nightclub at the MGM Grand. The interviews take place today from noon to 6pm and then continue tomorrow at the same time for the usual day club jobs with some of the positions such as hosts or hostesses requiring an audition in swimwear.

Riviera Set To Close May 4th

A rendering of what the future Riviera land may look like once completed (photo courtesy of LVCA)

A rendering of what the future Riviera land may look like once completed (photo courtesy of LVCVA)

In last Fridays board meeting of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority the members present voted unanimously to purchase the Riviera Hotel & Casino on the Strip and close it to redevelop the land. The purchase price for the Riviera is $182.5 million with the property due to close May 4th with the redevelopment of this and other nearby land purchased expected to take between five to eight years to complete. The above picture from the LVCVA shows what the replacement building on the Riviera site will most likely look like as part of the $2.3 billion expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center which wants expansion to compete with other convention centers such as Anaheim and Los Angeles. Its sad to see the iconic Riviera close but its has been neglected for a long time but the income an expanded convention center will bring is good for the Las Vegas economy overall.

Neil Diamond In Las Vegas

IMG_0464Its been a long time since Neil Diamond performed on the Las Vegas Strip but for his many fans they will get a chance on May 17th when he performs at the Mandalay Bay resort at the Event Center. The legendary singer is known for a large catalog of music as well as numerous hits which include songs such as Sweet Caroline and America as well as his popular Christmas music. The ticket prices start at a reasonable $59.50 and are on sale now so if you are in town at that time and, enjoy his music you might want to snag some.

Riviera’s Time May Be Up

Riviera SignA 60 year old resort fixture on the Strip may be living on borrowed time as rumors about the closing and redevelopment of the Riviera swirl with a possible closing time of May or June. For about the last month their has been talk that the property could be remodeled or redeveloped as a modern Riviera but now comes news that the LVCVA may knock down the property for a expanded convention center. The Las Vegas Convention and Vistor’s Authority has been buying up land around the Convention Center but mainly to the South of the Convention Center for expansion. One possible plan for the Riviera space as its across the street from the main building could be for a transportation center for the Convention Center which they have long wanted to build to ease the congestion at times such as the huge Consumer Electronics Show. If the LVCVA decide to buy the Riviera and build the transportation center on the site its location on the Strip half way between the busier part of the Strip and Downtown would have to be a plus. The Riviera has been a sad shell of its one time glory as years of limited money spent on it have taken its toll as it has struggled in a location which has come more remote as its surrounded now by empty lots and half finished resorts. Every time over the last several years I have visited the Riviera I have been greeted by large empty areas of the casino where tables or games once may have been and just no energy which is sad for this longtime Strip property seen in so many movies over the years. The hallways and 2,100 rooms at the property were always a strange dated mix and showed their age as they hadn’t been refurbished in a long time. Ultimately we would love to see the Riviera remodeled and brought back to its former glory but most likely it will close and the property being used for convention related activity is a good possibility as it’s a huge moneymaker for Clark County. The one constant in Las Vegas is change so don’t get too attached to your favorite property because at some point it could be gone either remodeled and changed completely or as is the case for many over the years such as the Sands, Dunes, Desert Inn or Stardust could be demolished and gone forever.


Free Admission To The Mob Museum Today

The Mob MuseumToday between 10am and 4pm is a blood drive at the Mob Museum in Downtown Las Vegas and as part of the drive if you donate blood you gain a free admission to the very cool Mob Museum. Today’s blood drive is followed up tomorrow by a display of two of the Tommy guns used in the St Valentines Day Massacre which is part of the museums 3rd Anniversary Celebration.

Penny Perks At South Point

The above video is  about a slot penny promotion for South Point on the South Strip for the month of February with a lady that is way too excited. Penny promotion have become popular in the last few years especially by locals casino such as Boyds who also has properties in Downtown Las Vegas. One note about penny slot machines is often need to play multiply pennies to get the big bonuses in some case up to 400 or $4 a spin so you might be better to play a 25 cent or $1 machine which has higher pay backs in Las Vegas but the penny machines are real popular.

Bardot Brasserie At Aria

Above is a video about the new Bardot Brasserie a celebrity chef restaurant by Michael Mina  at Aria in the City Center. The concept of  making classic French food more approachable in a nice room but less formal than the traditional french restaurant seems like a good idea. If you have tried out the new restaurant add to the comment section or email your review to lasvegasinsideout@gmail.com to share with other readers. (Video Courtesy of Aria Las Vegas)

Wranglers Ice Hockey Folds

Orleans SignThe owner of the ECHL franchise Las Vegas Wranglers has announced that the not return after failing to find a replacement home for the new season. For many years the minor league ice hockey team played at the Orleans Arena until in 2013 the owners Boyd Gaming announced they would no renew their lease after the 2013 to 2014 season. The Wranglers then began the search for a new home and it looked like they might have a deal to erect tent on the rooftop of the parking garage at the Plaza downtown, but that was canceled due to the cost involved. In the near future it looks like minor league hockey is gone from Las Vegas but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it return at some point.

Griddle Café Closing At SLS

SLS Las VegasBefore the opening of the SLS there was lots of talk about the Griddle Café a Los Angeles staple for 15 years known for its huge portions of breakfast food. The Griddle Café opened in August and in October the restaurant announced it was cutting its hours and, would no longer be a twenty four hour seven day a week restaurant. Now comes the news that the Griddle Café will close today for good with a new restaurant to open in its place tomorrow. The new restaurant called Northside Café will open tomorrow and plans are for it be open 24/7 and be more like a traditional resort coffee shop selling comfort type food. Traffic at the resort hasn’t been as good as they may have liked and more restaurant closings or changes could be possible although the Rock In Rio event later this year should help with traffic for the resort.

Throwback Thursday Tonight

El Cortez SignThe El Cortez in Downtown Las Vegas has a throwback Thursday event tonight with $5 champagne at the Parlour Bar as well as from 6 to 10pm a Sinatra tribute artist Peter Pavone performs in the Parlour Bar. If you are not a Sinatra fan it might not be worth going out of your way to see the show but if you are a fan or Downtown tonight it could be worth checking out.

White Castle To Open Today

Casino RoyaleFor fans of White Castle and its small sliders today sees the return of the chain to the West Coast with its first Las Vegas location at Casino Royale on the Strip. The new location is due to open at 2pm this afternoon so if you have missed the steamed mini burgers and buns with pickle as well as onions now is your chance to grab some. Of course the White Castle sliders have been available in the freezer sections of supermarkets and online judging but by the big lines the White Castle food trucks get at events there maybe a lot of people standing in line today to get some.

Stratosphere New Commercial

In the above new commercial for the Stratosphere people that look the customer base for the property talk about taking Las Vegas back from the high end food, drinks and expense of Las Vegas as a lot of the town has gone more upscale.  The commercial is clever in showcasing the Stratosphere as a less expensive place to visit on the Strip using the tag line ‘What happened to Las Vegas? The only fault i have with the commercial is the property charges a $18 a night resort fee which isn’t exactly consumer friendly but is now all too common in Las Vegas.

Is Poker In Trouble In LV?

2014-01-30 19.52.22On January 18th the poker room at the newly renamed Linq Hotel closed adding to the list of the dozen or so poker rooms that have closed in Las Vegas in the last few years. Poker for many years was riding a wave of popularity as big online gaming operations illegal as they may have been got new players honing their skills online and then heading to Las Vegas to play in real life; This new found interest in poker spawned many television shows showing the top players in big money events as well as celebrity tournaments. During this time resorts all over town opened new or expanded poker rooms to accommodate the new players. This boom for poker changed after a clamp down by the credit/debit card companies being used to fund the online accounts and then later by the Federal government who went after the online companies. After the government clamp down the television shows for the most part disappeared and interest began to wane a bit so the fact some poker rooms are closing isn’t really a surprise as demand is lower. Poker in Las Vegas will survive but their were too many poker rooms for the demand so a shake up and the closing of some of the smaller ones wasn’t really a surprise.

Inside The Heart Attack Grill

If you have ever wandered by the Heart Attack Grill on Fremont Street and wondered about the restaurant hopefully this video from the Guardian newspaper in the UK will answer some of you questions about the lard cooked menu as well as what to expect inside. (Video Courtesy Of The Guardian newspaper)

Jubilee Hiring Today

IMG_0602The iconic Las Vegas show Jubilee recently was the subject of some rumors that it may close but that seems not to be the case as today they are having open casting calls for dancers today. The casting starts at 10 am for male dancers with casting for female dancers and showgirls at noon then on to 2 pm for male and female singers with call backs starting at 4 pm. Its good to see Jubilee continue and hopefully the long time Las Vegas show will continue for many years to come.

2 For 1 High Roller Tickets Monday

IMAG0270_edited-1The High Roller observation wheel located at the Linq Entertainment District is having a special deal in honor of  Martin Luther Jr Day on Monday with buy one get on free on tickets for the observation wheel. If you are around Monday and want to check out the 550 foot high wheel with a friend you will save over the regular $24.95 price each during the day or $34.95 each at night.

Throwback Thursdays At El Cortez

El Cortez FrontThe El Cortez in Downtown Las Vegas has a throwback Thursday event every week with $5 champagne at the Parlour Bar as well as from 6 to 10pm a Sinatra tribute artist Peter Pavone in the Parlour Bar. If you are not a Sinatra fan it might not be worth going out of your way but if you are Downtown anyways you might want to check out the show.

Remove The Snow For Bikini Season

Hard Rock Sign (2)The country at the moment is in the grip of Winter with snowfall in many places and cold temperatures in Las Vegas; So it seems to be a strange time to talk about the pool scene in Las Vegas but hiring of staff for huge pool side day clubs will soon be under way. One of the first to get hiring underway is the legendary Rehab pool party at the Hard Rock with the first hiring event scheduled for Jan 15th and 16th from 2 to 6pm at the Body English nightclub. The open casting calls as they call it which sounds more Disney than a hiring event has positions open such as model servers, bar backs, cabana attendants, security, cashiers, lifeguards and most likely other jobs.