Esports Arena In 2018

The former space of the long running LAX nightclub at the Luxor will soon start its make over in to the Esports Arena with a scheduled opening date in the first quarter of 2018. Esports if you not familar is where the video game teams and players compete for prize money in competitions while big crowds watch on and cheer. The new Esports Arena is a joint enterprise with MGM Resorts International and eSports Arena with the demolition of the two floor 30,000 square foot space former LAX spaced due to get under way soon. The new space should be popular with its gaming fans and is due to include a huge LED video wall and other monitors to watch the action, plus individual gaming stations as a television production studio space. The audience space hasnt been announced although the space should hold about a thousand cheering fans. There will also most likely be merchandiing space as well as announced the two bars and a fast casual restaurant and most likely lots of energy drinks around to purchase. As demand for Esports is growing with games even being shown on ESPN this arena should do well although it remains to be seen how more competitors may decide to build their own arena in Las Vegas


Parking Charges On The Strip


MGM Resorts had announced that with the opening of the T Mobile Arena that they would start charging for parking at its nearby properties. The properties charging the fees are Bellagio, Aria, Vdara, New York New York and the soon to be rebranded Monte Carlo. The only way to avoid the charge is if you are have a Nevada driving license and are willing to have it scanned. I would expect this soon to become the norm on the Strip as i’m sure other companies are looking at this as another way to increase income. I wonder if Caesars Entertainment will have a campaign against the parking fees then turn around and add them and say the customers requested being charged so they added them, no i’m sure that would never happen. I cannot see off Strip properties rushing to add a parking charge as most of there business is locals who drive to the property and often visit several times in a month instead unlike a tourist.

Arena Wars Begins

MGM Resorts is just sweeping up the confetti from the grand opening celebration on opening events at its new T Mobile Arena when news comes that another new arena will be built this time by Las Vegas Sands. The new 17,500 seat arena if it goes ahead will be a total of 400,00 square foot in a space behind Las Vegas Sands,Venetian and Palazzo resorts. Arenas have been announced often over the years by different groups with often nothing happening but as this is by Las Vegas Sands who are teaming up with the Madison Square Garden Company it seems likely this arena will happen. The arena like the T Mobile Arena would be used for concerts, sports and events and as the Las Vegas Sands owned Sands Event Center is nearby most likely as convention and show space too. The arena will also feature private boxes as well as clubs and lounges and most likely be completed by the end of 2018.