Saving Money At Buffets

For many years the buffets in Las Vegas with their seemly endless choice of food were seen by the resorts as loss leaders with their low prices just like the cheap rooms and inexpensive shows to get you to stay at the property and gamble in the casino.

This changed with all the celebrity chef restaurants starting to open in Las Vegas and the resort companies seeing the many things such as buffets as potential profit centers instead of a loss making service way to draw gamblers. The Cosmopolitan when it opened was a real game changer with its Wicked Spoon buffet that offered top quality food in small portions and became very popular so other higher end resorts  decided to up there game too with more expensive items.

If its your first time visiting Las Vegas and your budget allows i would go to one higher end buffets and experience one of the best buffets at resorts such as Cosmopolitan, Caesar’s Palace, Bellagio or Wynn just to name a few. But if you want to save money and not blow your budget at when eating at buffets there is ways to save money.

Meal Time:

One way to save money is to either eat early in the day as usually breakfast is less expensive than lunch and lunch is less expensive than dinner. Some people also like to arrive at the tail end of one sitting so they can get items off the next sitting without paying for it; Many buffets close down usually an hour while they change from breakfast to lunch and the same from lunch to dinner, some items may not be available as they switch but it’s one way to get items off the next meal for no extra charge.

Theme Nights:

Another option is to avoid buffets on dinner theme nights if you are not going to partake in the item that’s part of the theme, examples of are prime rib night, lobster night, seafood feast etc; If you are not going to have prime rib for example on prime rib night you are paying a higher price than normal for dinner for a item you aren’t going to eat anyways.

Less Expensive Hotel:

Most often the nicer the hotel the more expensive the buffet is but it’s also more likely they will have better quality and wider selection of food items available. If you are looking for less expensive options on the Strip then hotels such as the Luxor, Excalibur, Flamingo, Harrahs or even the Stratosphere are good options.

Caesars Buffet Of Buffets:

The Buffet of Buffets deal has been around for many years and i remember when it first started it was $19.99 but things have changed as the price now is considerably higher. The way the deal works is you pay the fee and then can eat as much as you want at five Caesars Entertainment buffets for 24 hours from when you pay.

Pricing is generally $10 higher if you are not a Caesars Reward member but its free to sign up and, you must be 21. The weekday regular price for Caesars Reward members is $59.99 and the weekend price is $69.99. If you want to add on Caesar’s Palace popular and expansive Bacchanal Buffet that is an add on starting at $25.

The question you might be asking does the Buffet of Buffets deal save you money that kind of depends on how you use it but to get your moneys worth you have to get three meals out of it which can be done with a little planing.

Near Strip Properties:

Las Vegas April 2012

Las Vegas April 2012

Another option is to head off Strip as prices are generally lower although there are several properties not too far off the Strip that can save you money. The Gold Coast, Palms and Rio are in a cluster a block off the Strip although if you walk you do have to navigate a busy freeway entrance and i wouldn’t advise walking when the temperatures are high. A free option to get to them is the Boyds shuttle that runs from the Strip to Gold Coast and another good choice the Orleans which is further off Strip.

The Palace Station which has recently gone through a refurbishment is another great option as thats also a long block from the Strip, i wouldn’t walk to this one its a long walk by a busy street but this buffet is also open at present 24 hours a day i would check current times before you visit.

Downtown Properties:

If you are heading Downtown anyways the three main buffets there are going to be generally less expensive than the strip with generally the Fremont the least expensive and then the Golden Nugget and Main Street Station a little more expensive.

Players Clubs:

Having a players card will often get you a discount on a buffet or you may get a bigger discount depending on your players card level or by trading in points. Off Strip or locals casinos are more likely to give you discounts with your players club but by using it when you often pay you often add to your points to use for comps.

Coupon Books:

Generally as the prices on Las Vegas buffets have gone up you see less and less discounts appear in the free coupon books and magazines; This being said it doesn’t mean you won’t find one as 2 for 1 buffets deals do appear for example so still worth checking out.


Sterling Brunch Raises Price

Bally's, Las Vegas

The amazing Sterling Brunch Buffet at Bally’s has increased its price by $5 to a new price of $105 and even at that price it’s still likely to be as popular as ever. The weekend fine dining brunch at Bally’s is over 30 years old and draws the faithful to its current home at BLT steak.

The reason why the Sterling Buffet has its fans even at this price is because of the amazing food and service; As soon as you sit down you receive a large portion of Gruyere cheese while you get served champagne. The guests then can use the buffet at eat as much as they want of amazing things such as Alaskan king crab, lobster tails, prime rib, lamb and sushi.

Apart from the buffet line you can also order things from your server such as Caesars salads, eggs benedict or lobster bisque among other items. While you are eating your meal enjoy never ending glasses of champagne or mimosas and also save some room for the desserts which are top notch. Desserts usually include items such a chocolate truffles, chocolate covered strawberries and tarts..

If you want to splurge once on your trip to Las Vegas or maybe you have a lucky run in the casino the Sterling Buffet is well worth the money even at over $100.

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TI Buffet Now Open

Treasure Island, Las Vegas

The former Dishes Buffet at TI has finally reopened after the long $4 million remodel with a new name as the Corner Market Buffet. The remodel was scheduled to be over in June which was then delayed until August but for fans of TI  the buffet is finally open again. The Corner Market Buffet is also larger than the previous buffet at 13,000 square feet which means also they have added a larger selection of food.

As i have mentioned in the past i don’t spend a lot of time at the TI and not really for any bad reason the property is fine its just i have other places i go to in the area. The TI does have a lot of fans though and i will check out the new buffet as soon as i can, if you have checked it out leave comments in the post.

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Graveyard Buffet At Palace

Palace Station

An overnight buffet in Las Vegas is not a common thing but they do come and go from time to time the last one i remember was one that was briefly offered at the Palms last year. The Palace Station Feast Buffet runs from midnight to 8 am with a price of $10.99 although its only $6.99 with a players club which is a bargain. The players club is called the Boarding Pass and is free to join so well worth getting to get your discount.

The station casino buffets are always a good deal value wise and the Palace Station as well as the buffet at the location have recently been remodeled.  The Palace Station is across the Interstate from the Strip so easier to check out if you have a car or take a taxi or Uber or Lyft but taking  a break from the busy Strip isn’t always a bad thing.

I’m a night owl and often take advantage of the late night food specials and a Graveyard Buffet to me is a plus but i understand not everyone wants to eat in the middle of the night but for those like me that do, here is a good option.

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The Buffet At TI Closed

Treasure Island, Las Vegas

If you were planning to eat at the Buffet at TI in the near future you might want to make different plans as it closed June 4th for a remodel and is not scheduled to reopen until August 7th. I must admit i don’t often spend a lot of time at Treasure Island or TI as its marketed as, but that being said but the property does have its fans. As part of the remodel some of the current buffet space is going to be converted to a sports bar which will be interesting to check out once it opens.

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Buffet Skip The Line Fee

Caesars Palace Fountain

The CosmopolitanWhen you thought it wasn’t possible to add another fee in Las Vegas comes a new one although this one at least is optional; Two of he highest rated buffets have now added an option to skip the line and get seated right away for an additional fee on top of the meal charge. The Cosmopolitan’s Wicked Spoon Buffet charges $10 to skip the line and Caesars Palace top rated Bacchanal Buffet has a $25 skip the line fee.

You will have to decide yourself if the skip the line fee is worth it to you but these two buffets are already two of the most expensive in town and i would go at a less busy time or go to a different buffet myself rather than pay the extra charge.

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Fremont Free Buffet Deal

Fremont Hotel & Casino

I just stayed for three days at the Fremont, while i was there i took advantage of a free buffet promotion which runs through the end of the May. The promotion is for members of the B Connected players club (free to join) to get the free buffet each day you swipe your card first and then play the slots.; Monday through Friday except Wednesday when you earn 100 points you can go back and swipe your players card for a coupon for a free breakfast or lunch buffet.

The coupon must be used the same day and the promotion also runs on the weekends but you have to get 200 instead of 100 points. If you plan to be in Downtown Las Vegas playing slots early in the day anyways its a good deal for more information and rules check with the properties B Connected booth.

New Palms Buffet Date Announced

Palms Sign

A date for the announced for the remodeled Palms buffet which is scheduled to open on December 22nd with a new look and name with it now being called A. Y. C. E. Buffet. I’m not sure about the new name but what really matters is the food, the previously announced name was Haute Plates. The new buffet will have seven food stations with different names such as World Pan (Asian/Indian), Hearth (Brick Oven) and an interesting one called Revival which features wellness and power boosting food.

Monte Carlo Buffet Is Gone 

As the Monte Carlo is remodeled as part its $450 million transformation in to the Park MGM, the buffet can now be added to the list of eating establishments that have recently closed at the property. The buffet at Monte Carlo was simply called The Buffet and was fine although as one of the smaller buffets on the Strip it wasn’t most people’s first choice but if you were staying at the property it was an okay choice. Previous restaurant closures at Monte Carlo include Dragon Noodle Company, Cremery, Brand Steakhouse and BLVD which are closing to make room for the new restaurants coming soon including Primrose which is due to open by the end of the month with other new reastaurants opening in early 2018. If you are looking for another buffet option nearby the buffets at MGM Grand and Excalibur might be an option for you.

Tropicana Adding Buffet


Most larger resorts on the Strip have a buffet on the property but the Tropicana for several years has lacked a buffet for its guests, but now comes news that one in the works. The location of the buffet is in the previous Beach Buffet space, no name for it or date has been announced but it will mostly likely open before year end.