In Las Vegas there is a long tradition of late night food specials to help fuel the late night gamblers and if you are up and can eat a meal late night you can get some amazing bargains.  Although this is less common on the Strip as their are less twenty four hour coffee shops there are available but its much more common to see these deals Downtown or off Strip.

Market Street Cafe dining room

I’m not a big fan of the crowds during the prime evening hours so i’m often out and about when the crowds thin out so late night food specials work for me. One place that i have often visited late night over the years is the Market Street Cafe at the California Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas a block off the Fremont Street Experience.  The Market Street Cafe is the California’s twenty four hour coffee shop and is a beautiful room with high ceilings and much nicer than the average coffee shop.

The Market Street Cafe has a Graveyard Specials menu which runs from 11 pm to 9 am daily and includes many different items but the one i was here for is the New York Steak special for $6.99. The special as you see in the above picture includes the steak of course plus vegetable, then your choice of  rice, fries or mashed potatoes

The cut of steak might not be of the same quality as some of the high end steak houses in town but then the price is of course a lot less expensive. The steak itself was tasty and perfectly cooked, the potatoes where really good and the beans were cooked well, not rock hard like many more expensive restaurants, looking at you House Of Blues. The meal was really good and a bargain at the price, i understand not everyone can eat meals late at night but if you can the Graveyard Specials at the Market Street Cafe at the California are worth checking out.