The Lani Express inside the Fremont in Downtown Las Vegas has been serving a shrimp cocktail for 99 cents since 1974; Yes over the years the overall size as well as size of the shrimp have shrunk but it’s still a very good deal.

For many years the Fremont, Four Queens and the Golden Gate with each property advertising their shrimp cocktail. After the Golden Gate got rid of their shrimp cocktail the Four Queens did the same now only the one at Fremont remains.

The Lani Express is a small snack bar with seating at the back of the Fremonts casino and, is open from 11 am to 7 am daily. Most of the food is large portions and inexpensive but you get what pay for as most of the food is just okay.

Apart from the shrimp cocktail many visitors rave over the oxtail soup which i must admit is really good.