First of all welcome to my website where since 2005 i have been sharing tips, reviews and information about my favorite city Las Vegas. Since my first visit in 1984 when i visited with my parents and stayed at the world’s largest Motel 6 i have been hooked on the twenty four hour lifestyle and excitement of Las Vegas.

I live in Southern California so Las Vegas isn’t too far from me about a five hour drive or one hour flight so i can visit often and over the years i have staying in most hotels on the Strip and all the resort hotels Downtown including many than no longer exist in a ever changing Las Vegas.

The one thing about Las Vegas is its always changing and a hotel, bar or restaurant that is your favorite spot to visit might not always be there which can be frustrating but it also means there is always new places to explore and maybe you will find a new favorite spot.

Las Vegas used to be the place of cheap hotel rooms, inexpensive food and shows but in recent years Las Vegas has gone more upscale with higher prices for everything as well as the addition of resort, parking and other fees. As the cost has increased i have included cheaper options and in the future i plan to do more of that with more tips on how to save money and get the most out of your trip.


The content and reviews on the website are my own and will never be swayed by advertisers i do use affiliate links on this site and by clicking then and paying for their services or products i do get a small percentage of the money which supports the website; I only allow links  affiliate links from companies or products i believe in such as Dreamhost, Amazon etc .