Paul Anstey

Owner & Editor of Las Vegas Inside Out and other blogs

My first visit to Las Vegas was in 1984 and we stayed at the world’s largest Motel 6 which amazingly is still there. I was too young to gamble but marveled at the casino’s and, the twenty four hour lifestyle that Las Vegas had to offer.

I returned regularly to Sin City and, watched the changes in a city where it seems the only thing constant is change. Over the years i have pretty much stayed at every resort hotel on the Strip and Downtown as well as gambled at them including many no longer around.

In 2005 i decided to start a blog for fun about Las Vegas this is the blog which i still do for fun, i hope you enjoy it as i share news, information and reviews.

Contact Me: lasvegasinsideout@gmail.com

Things I Enjoy
  • Las Vegas of course
  • Travel
  • Writing
  • Video Games
  • Movies