The Coca Cola store is located at the Showcase Mall which is next to the MGM Grand and just north of it on the strip. It is right next door to the M&M store so it makes it easy to see both. Out front is a huge 130 feet tall green Coke bottle. Inside there is every imagineable Coke product for sale its a collectors paradise. Up on the second level is more Coke collectables as well as a couple of places selling Coke drinks. One is a counter at the top where they sell Coke’s in glass bottles and an employee shows kids how to open them with a bottle opener; Most kids these days arn’t used to Coke in glass bottles so they think its cool. Coke in a glass bottle tastes so much better to me. Another counter sells samples of Coke from around the world which is cool but way too much for me. The top floor used to be a World Of Coke museum but its been closed for at least a year. I asked and employee about it and he said that he hopes they reopen it and i agree it was a fun exhibit. If you are a Coke collector this is a must see stop but even if you are not this place is worth a visit. Open daily form 10am to 11pm at 3785 Las Vegas Blvd.