Gameworks a huge arcade located in the Showcase Mall which is just north of the MGM Grand on the strip. Gameworks is probally like no arcade you have ever been to before some of the games were even designed by Steven Spielbergs Dreamworks company. It is 47,000 square feet of more than 250 games of many types from your basic games to new and high tech games some of which are more like rides than just games. There are also games such as air hocky and pool. Next to the games is a huge free standing rock climbing wall. Also here is a full service restaurant and bar as well as two snack bars. This is a fun place to go to although one drawback is it can get a little pricey but often they offer all day passes for $35. To use the machines you buy cards which means you don’t have to carry around quarters. Its fun and if you have time i would suggest a visit. Its open from 10am to 1am everyday except Fridays and Saturdays when its open to 2am. (702) 432-4263