Le Boulevard is the shopping area at the Paris. I must say i do like this shopping area its very well done and looks like a french village. It has the fake sky ceiling and cobblestone or brick walk ways. The food here as you might expect is one area they excell at especially some of the pastries. The have the human statues that come to life as people walk by as well as a unique mix of stores. A lot of the stores are unique to Le Boulevard instead of the generic Gap and other chain stores you see at other shopping areas in town. Also located in Le Boulevard is the Paris Buffet which is one of the best in town. The only drawbacks i can think of is on Saturdays it gets real busy and also the signage is a bit corny at times like one i saw to Le Car Rental but thats minor. I would suggest a visit and if you take the monorail to the Paris station it emptys in to the Le Boulevard so its a good place to get a bite to eat.