One of my favorite places on the strip is the Barbary Coast a small casino-hotel located in a prime position on the strip. This place has none of the fancy stuff at the resort hotels it is a long casino with a few hotel rooms above. It has a good coffee shop, better than average lounge entertainment and Micheal’s one of the best gourmet rooms in town.

Its location has been surrounded by properties owned or recently bought by Harrahs. Barbary Coast is owned by Boyd Group owners of Coast Casinos as well as Stardust and California, Main Street Station, Fremont and others. Boyd Chairman Bill Boyd anounced that the Barbary Coast would make a good place for a high rise resort.

I don’t know if they really plan to build a high rise or are just trying to get a higher price from Harrahs which would love the property to link there properties. Either way it looks like the Barbary Coast in its present form could soon be gone. This would be a great loss to Las Vegas as i love this place but i suggest when you visit Las Vegas you pay it a visit while you still can.

Updated: August 13th 2020

In my opinion I don’t think Boyd’s was going to build the big tower which in the concept art didn’t look the most attractive I think they just wanted Harrah’s now Caesar’s to buy the property which was in the way of their row of properties.

Harrah’s would buy the property and they stripped the facade off but kept the steel beams and then they added the rooftop pool and club and reopened it as a more upscale Cromwell which it is to today.