Big Starbucks Closes

In Las Vegas most of the big Strip resorts have at least one Starbucks and many have several but now comes news that there is one less on the Strip as the super sized location at the Grand Bazaar Shops in front of Bally’s has closed. This location was different because of its size and, it had stadium style seating in a grandstand overlooking a projection screen. This location opened 2015 and although i love coffee on a recent trip staying at Bally’s i drank coffee from the coffee stand in the lobby instead.

If you are a Starbucks fan there is still plenty of locations up and down the Strip snd one at the Golden Nugget Downtown although in recent years several Las Vegas at or near tourist area locations have closed; Some of the locations that come to mind include such as at The Shops at Crystals, Hughes Center or the Bank Of America building Downtown, Starbucks is still very popular in Las Vegas although maybe more of a choice would be good for Las Vegas tourists and locals alike.

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