Whiskey Licker Bar

The folk at Binion’s who also own the Four Queens have been on somewhat of a building spree of late including the recent open of the remodeled Binion’s Café. Construction has now begun on another bar with seating outside under the Fremont Street Experience canopy just like the Whiskey Licker in the picture above. The new bar is to be called Cowgirl Up Cantina and is being built near the other corner on Fremont Street where sexy blackjack was being dealt (hopefully they keep those tables somewhere because nothing better than getting dealt blackjack by a girl in a Stetson}. The bars under the canopy started as temporary bars that the casinos would wheel out at night and, over the last few years have been replaced with permanent bars with outdoor seating that have become very popular during the nightly concerts and Fremont Street Experience canopy shows.