BK Whopper Bar

The BK  Whopper Bar is located upstairs in the shopping area at the Rio near the Chippendales Showroom entrance and is a little fancier than most Burger Kings and also sells beer which you most likely you won’t find at your neighborhood Burger King.

The restaurant is known for more exotic combinations of toppings than you would usually find at a Burger King which you can mix and match or go with some of their set combinations.

The service in this restaurant has been spotty at times i have visited over the last few years sometimes good and sometimes not so good. This time i walked up to the cashier and she was cleaning out her cash register which she continued to do for five minutes not saying anything to me even though she looked at me twice and then walked off with her draw.

Another employee give came up but looked confused because she saw her co worker walk off with the cash drawer. The employee then asked her manager who was inventorying the beer what to do and he blew her off several times before finally helping the frustrated employee by switching the cash draw from the other register.

Once i was able to order the food came pretty quickly i had ordered a black and blue which was blacken with blue cheese on the top which kind of overpowered the burger but it and the fries were tasty.

If you are looking for an inexpensive place for a bite to eat at Rio this is a good bet as well as being open twenty four hours a day. If you can look past the uneven service the food is good value for the price.

Updated: March 28th 2020- Mainly to make more readable