The Blue Man Group the strange but amazingly poplar trio has just opened their brand new show this time at the Venetian. They are performing in a 1760 seat state of the art theater built just for them. The three balded headed men with their painted blue heads perform a visually stunning and clever as well as funny show. I saw them at there past show at the Luxor and i was skeptical of the show especially at the $100 price tag but it was worth every penny. The past show was one of the hardest in town to get tickets for and im sure they will do just as well at their new location. I plan to go and see the new show as soon as i can. The ticket prices for the new show are $110, $95 and $75 plus tax and services fees. For tickets call (702) 414-7469 or 866-641-SHOW. Show times are nightly in the Blue Man Theater at 7pm with a second show on Saturdays only at 10pm.