The Boardwalk a property on the strip is to close January 9th 2006 to make way for Project City Center a $5 billion dollar redevelopment of the area between Bellagio and the Monte Carlo. The new development will include a 60 story, 4,000 room hotel-casino, boutique hotels , a major shopping mall and 1,640 condominium units. The Boardwalk is a small property with rooms that arn’t fancy but are inexpensive in a high room rent district. The whole theme of the property is a Coney Island theme park include a roller coaster in the signage that is fake. It was never a favorite place of mine and as i said in a resent review the Surf Buffet is the worst in Las Vegas by far. The one thing this place was good for was inexpensive rooms in a prime location and with the Westwood Ho also closing they are getting harder to find on the strip.