Boyd Gaming is testing it’s Digital Wallet Cashless Option at its Allante Casino in North Las Vegas. The company is working with Astristocrat Technologies on a system which it calls BoydPay. The field testing is under way and, Boyd Gaming hopes to roll the system out to all of its casinos this Summer if it gets regulatory approval.

Once the BoydPay gets approved you should be able to do things on your smartphone such as play casino games, cash out on your phone, pay at restaurants and, shows or use it for seamless pay elsewhere.

Its weird how times have changed when smart phones came out you wouldn’t be able to use them in the casino without having a security guard come over to you: Now once approved by the Gaming Board you could be using your smart phone all over the casino.

In fairness the current pandemic and, the need for touch less options has pushed this technology forward and, made the gaming authorities more likely to approve such innovations.

Coming Sundays In March:

I have been a visitor often to Las Vegas since the mid 1980’s and over that time i have lots of pictures. I have decided to share some of them every Sunday in March with a little history, a little information and some nostalgia as well as photos from Las Vegas past. If the series does well it may return again after March.