Brightline Bonds Derail

Brightline Train Now Called Virgin Train USA

It seemed to be going well for Brightline the company that planned to build a high speed train between Victorville in Southern California and Las Vegas.

The states of California and Nevada had giving the approval for the company to sell $3.2 billion in bonds to finance the project. The bonds backed by both states we offering a generous 7 percent interest on the 30 year bonds but the bond buyers have said the project is too risky.

It seems the main issue for them was the fact the train didn’t go to Los Angeles or Orange County and, stopped in Victorville in the Inland Empire of California. Because at the moment the planned end of the train is in Victorville it vastly lessons the possible riders than if it went in to Union Station in Los Angeles for example.

I would take a train from Orange County to Victorville to catch the Brightline train but I don’t know how many others would from either Orange County or Los Angeles.

Brightline who already operate a similar service in Florida said they will continue to pursue the Las Vegas planned service.

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