The Carnival World Buffet at the Rio for several years was the top rated buffet in town. Now with many improved buffets in town it gets harder to say which is the best especially when you are comparing buffets in so many different price ranges. First of all the Rio is located about a mile off the strip and its kind of hard to get to by foot but a shuttle does run from Harrahs. The buffet was the first of the super buffets in which each region or food type has a seperate station. You pay one price and then can eat at one station or mix and match all you want. The food is very good and definetly worth the money for breakfast or lunch but dinner can get a little pricey but its still one of the best in town. It can get crowded at peak times but i usually like to go at odd times so its okay. The Las Vegas Journal readers poll voted it number one buffet in 2004 im not going to say it is or isn’t the best but it is very good.