Okay the Sahara has consistantly one of the cheaper buffets on the strip. The Sahara is located on the north end of the strip across from Circus Circus. If you have a monorail pass this is the last stop on the monorail so its easy to zip over here for food. Because its one of the cheapest in town doesn’t mean its bad, but the food isn’t the greatest its kind of like school cafeteria food. Its a little bland and the selection is very meat and potatoes basics. A lot of people conplain about the food here but i have eaten here before and if you are just looking for inexpensive food to keep you going its fine for that. The price for breakfast is $8 and lunch is $9 and dinner is $11 which includes prime rib. Also inside the hotel travel guides there is often a discount coupon for $1 off per person for the buffet which also helps.