Bus Passenger Numbers Fall

According to the Regional Transportation Commission less people are taking the RTC city buses in the resort corridor with the number of passengers dropping consistently over the last three years. The ridership revenues for the resort corridor have dropped 18 percent from October2015 until December 2018 according the experts. Yes passengers is good if you are a rider and maybe mean its more likely you will snag a front upstairs seat on the Deuce double deckers but less revenue could mean cuts to local routes at some point.

The wider use  of ride sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft could explain some of this especially since resort properties have set aside spaces for pick up and drop off of customers but there is also a wider drop of bus ridership across the country. In my local county in Southern California the bus company has eliminated lots of routes or cut back service heavily on the non busiest routes which could happen in Las Vegas but tourists most likely won’t notice as the lesser traveled routes would be mostly used by locals

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