Two months ago Caesar’s Entertainment raised its resorts fees and recently MGM Resorts raised theirs at higher end properties. Now the company that made a big deal about having no resort fees right up until the point they added them Caesar’s Entertainment has raised them again.

Caesar’s Entertainment has announced an increase in the resort fee of $7 per night at Caesar’s Palace as well as the boutique hotel attached Nobu and an additional $3 at the Rio. Now the resort fee will add an extra $51.02 daily to the advertised rate with tax at Caesar’s Palace and Nobu and $39.68 at the Rio.

Hotel guests in Las Vegas have been getting more and more annoyed at all the additional fees being charged such as resort and parking fees the tipping point where people decide to go elsewhere than Las Vegas cannot be far away. The resort fees at the higher end properties are now more than $50 a day which over a five day trip is an extra $250 on top of the advertised room plus daily parking fees.

McCarren airport has been having record traffic but a lot of this is from low cost carriers such as Aliegiant Air and Spirit bringing people in for a cheap price from new markets these could be your future regular visitor to Las Vegas but with the added fees they may not return.

For the moment resort fees are the norm but government is now getting involved but for the moment i cannot see MGM or Caesar’s giving up the cash cow of resort fees.