Hot Cappuccino

Big Starbucks Closes

In Las Vegas most of the big Strip resorts have at least one Starbucks and many have several but now comes news that there is one less on the Strip as the super sized location at the Grand Bazaar Shops in front of Bally’s has closed. This location was different because of its size and, it had stadium style seating in a grandstand overlooking a projection screen. This location opened 2015 and although i love coffee on a recent trip staying at Bally’s i drank coffee from the coffee stand in the lobby instead. If you are a Starbucks fan …

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$6.99 New York Steak At California

In Las Vegas there is a long tradition of late night food specials to help fuel the late night gamblers and if you are up and can eat a meal late night you can get some amazing bargains.  Although this is less common on the Strip as their are less twenty four hour coffee shops there are available but its much more common to see these deals Downtown or off Strip. I’m not a big fan of the crowds during the prime evening hours so i’m often out and about when the crowds thin out so late night food specials …

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Ellis Island Tower

Xmas In LV: Eggnog At Ellis Island

For the fifteenth straight year the near Strip Ellis Island has its Christmas eggnog on sale that’s mixed and available for purchase from the bar. Yes the eggnog does contain alcohol and its become a holiday tradition at the property if you want to try some out its $6 per glass or available by $30 a bottle. If you visit the bar you might also want to check out the hotels coffee shop which many people like for their large portions as well as good prices because its never good to drink on an empty stomach.

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Palms Sign

New Café At The Palms

The restaurant make over continues at The Palms the latest being the resorts coffee shop which will reopen July 1st as the Lucky Penny an updated version of the classic twenty-four-hour coffee shop.  The Lucky Penny will feature an updated menu with the usual soups, salads, burgers, pizza, sandwiches as well as wok dishes, boozy shakes and cold pressed juices. If you want to check out the Lucky Penny when it opens its right off the east parking resort at The Palms.

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Du Pars At Golden Gate Closes

Repeat visitors to Las Vegas often have certain traditions or places they visit on every trip that could be having a drink at a certain bar or food at a certain restaurant or something else they generally do. One thing I do on most trips to Las Vegas be it at three in the afternoon or three am is a trip to Du Pars restaurant in the Golden Gate Downtown for their huge fluffy pancakes or a corned beef hash breakfast. It looks like I will have find a new Las Vegas tradition as last night Du Pars closed with …

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Another Coffee Shop To Close

Over the last few years the traditional resort coffee shops have been cutting hours or closing and now comes the news that ‘The Café’ at Monte Carlo is the latest coffee shop to close. ‘The Café’ is due to close June 7th with the space being used as a meeting or event space after that date. If you want breakfast at the Monte Carlo after the closure The Pub at Monte Carlo will begin serving breakfast on June 8th inside and on the outdoor patio starting at 7 am.

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Griddle Café Closing At SLS

Before the opening of the SLS there was lots of talk about the Griddle Café a Los Angeles staple for 15 years known for its huge portions of breakfast food. The Griddle Café opened in August and in October the restaurant announced it was cutting its hours and, would no longer be a twenty four hour seven day a week restaurant. Now comes the news that the Griddle Café will close today for good with a new restaurant to open in its place tomorrow. The new restaurant called Northside Café will open tomorrow and plans are for it be open …

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