Green Fairy Garden Coming

Caesars Palace Entrance

Absinthe the very popular circus show at Caesars Palace has announced that a new food area is to be added to the performance tent. The new dining venue will be made out of two modified shipping containers that will contain food truck like food and drink vendors. Customers will take their food and drinks to large group tables just outside the entrance to the tent.

The new food area is being called Green Fairy Garden with the green in the name referring to the green color of the Absinthe drink and, the new area is also planned to have lots of green foliage as well as a 35 foot tree sculpture. So far Caesar’s hasn’t announced new tenants or a timeline for the new project but i’m sure we will get that soon, the area gets a lot of foot traffic apart from people attending the show so it should do well.


Block 16 Urban Food Hall

Block 16 Urban Food Hall

The food options at the Cosmopolitan have always been very good with out of the many restaurants Holsteins being on of my favorites but many more there to choose from; Well if the selection wasn’t already enough comes the new addition of the Block 16 Urban Food Hall which adds an additional five new restaurants to the mix in space next to the Marquee nightclub on the resorts second floor near the Boulevard Tower.

The restaurants have different hours but something is open at most times day or night with also some open late nights to feed the club crowd that visits the Marquee club and other late night venues at the Cosmopolitan.

The restaurant that has been getting the most buzz at Block 16 is the first west coast location of a Nashville staple  ‘Hattie B’s Hot Chicken’ which sells its hot chicken with different spice levels from no heat to levels such as medium all the way up to levels like damn hot and shut the cluck up which i’m sure is crazy hot. The restaurant also has all the Southern sides you would expect as well as pimento mac which sounds interesting.

The other four restaurants at Block 16 Urban Food Hall are Lardo with amazing sandwiches with mainly pork, Pok Pok Wing with Vietnamese fish sauce wings, Tekka Bar Handroll & Sake with sushi and finally District Donuts from New Orleans which features 100 plus donuts with exotic flavors and toppings that are rotated often.

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