Lounge Shows

Palms Sign

The cost of everything for a Las Vegas visitor has increased over recent years which makes options for saving money that much more important. On a trip to Las Vegas you definitely see one of the amazing shows such as Penn & Teller, Blue Man Group, Legends In Concert or one of the numerous Cirque Du Soleil shows but seeing these shows can be expensive. One option to save money on a trip is to take in one of the many lounge shows in the evenings across town. The entrance for a lot of these shows is free although sometimes require a drink minimum if you are sitting in the lounge itself.  One option tonight for a free admission lounge show is at The Palms tonight in their lounge which is simply called The Lounge. If you want to check out a show one option might be tonight’s show which features a local Las Vegas classic rock band called ‘Blue String Theory.’ The show begins at 10:30 pm if you want to check it out or check out one of the other great lounge acts around Las Vegas.


The Revolution Is Over

A longtime fixture at the Mirage the REVOLUTION Lounge has announced that it will close its doors today to be replaced with a new concept set to debut in 2016. The REVOLUTION lounge was designed to be a tie in with the Beatles themed Cirque Du Soleil show Love nearby at the Mirage. The REVOLUTION lounge has had a really long run, but change is just a part of Las Vegas which is always inventing itself so don’t get too attached to your favorite places because they could be gone but change means always new places to check out.

Shadow Bar At Caesars Palace Closes

Ceasars Palace FountainsA longtime fixture at Caesars Palace the Shadow Bar has closed down with no word yet on what will replace it. The Shadow Bar was featured many years ago in a show about Caesars Palace on A&E where a girl wanted to become a Shadow Dancer.  A Shadow Dancer was where woman with great body’s danced behind a screen which silhouetted their outlines to the ultra lounge patrons on the other side. It was sexy without nudity but it looked like they could be naked even though they weren’t. The Shadow Bar had a long run and may have closed because of the on going revamp at Caesars Palace but the format may have run its course anyways.