Naked Magicians Get Dressed

It looks like the four month run of the The Naked Magicians at Brad Garett’s Comedy Club at the MGM Grand is over with website even reporting the two Australian performers have gone their separate ways.

According to the website one of the magicians has returned to Australia with other remaining in Las Vegas to join a variety show which is in development. Hopefully the show didn’t close for financial reasons it would be bad if they lost their shirt along with the rest of their clothes. Sorry i had to get a couple of puns in the story but those are just the bare facts.


Criss Angel Show To Close

Cirque Du Soleil have announced that Criss Angels’s Show at the Luxor called ‘Mindfreak Live is to close October 28th 2018 after a ten year run. The show originally opened in 2008 with the name ‘Believe’ as a more typical Cirque Du Soleil show but the show was changed to make less of the Cirque elements and, showcase more of the goth style magicians performance. In 2016 the show was retooled in to the current ‘Mindfreak Live,’ myself personally I not a fan of Criss Angel or the show which is a little on the dark side for me but a ten year run in Las Vegas for a performer is amazing. If you are a fan of the show you have plenty of time to see it over the coming months and with its closure such a long time off no discussion what will replace it.

Big Cat Magic To Return

There was a time in Las Vegas that every big resort would have a magic show featuring big cats in its showroom. Most of this type of show have vanished because of changing audience tastes in Las Vegas as well as lot more variety in the types of shows and acts available with many Cirque shows taking over the big showrooms. One big cat magician that has performed fairly often is magician Dirk Arthur who has performed all over town most recently at the Riviera where he had the bad fortune to open his show there at that property as the days for the Riviera were numbered. Well Dirk Arthur has a new home for him and his big cats as his new show ‘Dirk Arthur’s Wild Magic’ is scheduled to open at the Westgate with a debut of August 24th set as the first performance. The show runs Monday to Saturday with a start time of 4 pm with tickets starting at $50 plus the usual taxes and fees with tickets now on sale. Dirk Arthur’s past shows generally get good reviews and, it’s also an early show which is a plus if you plan to go out after the show for dinner, gambling or clubbing etc.

Friday Show Pick: Penn & Teller

There was a time in Las Vegas where every major resort would have would have a magician act usually with exotic animals but over recent years the number of magic acts in Las Vegas has declined especially as more and more Cirque type shows were added. Yes there are still magic acts around town notably David Copperfield with his long residency at the MGM Grand and Criss Angel with his long running de themed Cirque magic show at the Luxor. One magic show that has lasted an amazing 21 years and is always near the top of our recommended shows to see in Las Vegas is the Penn & Teller Show at the Rio. This show isn’t your standard magic act as instead of animals and huge elaborate illusions this is a very funny show where some of the walls of magic are broken down as Penn will tell you how some of the tricks are done. The show is entertaining and humorous with a much more laid back approach with the stars interacting with the audience instead of the sometimes too serious magicians. The magic is clever and amusing and well worth checking out when you are in Las Vegas. The theater is big for an off strip property with 1,475 seats and the performers have a meet and greet after the show.  The show runs Saturday through Wednesday with ticket pricing starting at $82.50 plus the usual taxes and fees and no its not inexpensive but well worth the money. The show starts at 9pm and, is children friendly which isn’t always the case for night shows for more information or tickets contact the Rio box office at (702) 777-2782 or visit their website. [Video Courtesy of Rio Las Vegas and Caesars]