Intrigue Nightclub Closed

This past Saturday Intrigue Nightclub at the Wynn closed its doors after about a three year run with the club originally opening in April 2016. The nightclub business in Las Vegas is super competitive with Wynn being only of the top operators although Intrigue may have been overshadowed by other to clubs including Wynn’s own clubs.

The company plans to use the 14,000 square foot space as a private event space that can be used by up to 750 people for an event; There is always a demand for this kind of use in Las Vegas although i’m sure somewhere down the line the company will come up with a better use for this space.


Hyde Nightclub To Close

The one consistent thing in Las Vegas is that the city is always changing and one upcoming change is the announcement that Hyde at the Bellagio will close on July 6th. Hyde is the nightclub that has an amazing 10,000 square foot space with an amazing spot with views of the Bellagio fountains. The Hyde space will be remodeled with a new name and concept, no  date has been announced but it’s expected to reopen by the end of the year. Hyde has been open about eight years which is a pretty good run and the club i’m sure was busy but for such a prime space the club would need to be full all the time so maybe a new name and concept will bring in new crowds.

Kaos Now Open At Palms

Palms Sign

poolMany people had been waiting for this Kaos, the new nightclub and day club has finally opened at the Palms with a 73,000 square foot day club and a 20,000 square foot nightclub. The new club in the press release claims that Kaos has the highest numbers of pools of any resort in North America i have no idea if thats true or not but either way i’m not going to count them. The new club has a 270 foot LED wall that runs along the side of the Ivory Tower facing the Strip and they are saying its the largest video screen in Las Vegas also as part of the club is a Tesla coil ceiling for sound and special effects; Additional features of the club include two cannons that shoot water 100 feet in the air, three sculptures from Damien Hirst and a champagne vault with personalized butler service.

Kaos is part of the $690 million remodel of the Palm’s and could bring the club crowds back to the Palms which at one time was the hottest place in town for the club crowd before Wynn and other competitors upped their game. When Station Casinos bought the Palms many wondered if they would just keep the property a locals centered property and abandon the tourist crowd but with all the money they have spent its clear they want to draw the tourists as well as locals to the resort.

Astral Resort Heading To South Strip

Astral Resort Las Vegas

Last year Asher Gabay bought a vacant motel across from the Mandalay Bay for $7.4 million with plans to built a new resort hotel on land now occupied by a Motel 8. We often hear about potential new resort properties that never go ahead but this one looks like it might happen in an area of the Strip across from resorts such as the Mandalay Bay and the Luxor which is mostly vacant motels or buildings. The planned resort will be called Astral and have a casino with 620 rooms over 34 floors as well as a four level underground parking garage, a sky lobby on the 32nd floor and of course a nightclub as well as a rooftop pool with a day club.

The current Motel 8 is expected to keep operating up until the planned start of construction in Spring of 2020. The project is expected to cost between $325 million and $350 million and with the Raiders Stadium now under construction located close by as well as possible extension of the monorail, the South Strip could be much busier by the planned 2022 opening date of this property.


The Treehouse Coming 2019

Las Vegas Sign

A new $7 million entertainment and dining venue is headed to Downtown Las Vegas in March of next year when the 22,000 square foot entertainment and dining center opens called The Treehouse. 

The Treehouse location will be on Main Street in the Arts District in the building that had the former vintage clothing store The Attic. The Treehouse concept sounds interesting and includes a 300 seat Asian seafood restaurant, four bars a dayclub with pool as well as a nightclub in a themed space with various trees and exotic wood finishes.

Themed restaurants were big for a while although most didn’t last long time, The Treehouse concept sounds interesting although i don’t know if its location will be an issue for it.

New Nightclub At Park MGM

Park MGM Las Vegas

A new nightclub called On the Record by newcomers to Las Vegas from a Los Angeles based company called Houston Hospitality. The 11,000 square foot speakeasy style club is set to open on New Years Eve at the former Monte Carlo now renamed as the Park MGM, a much larger club is also planned for the newly renamed resort.

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The Bank Nightclub To Close

Bellagio Fountains

Longtime nightclub “The Bank” at the Bellagio is closing Monday after a nearly eleven-year run at the property. At one time the beautiful 11,170 square foot Bank with its glass encased dance floor was one of the hottest clubs although in recent times may have been overshadowed by other clubs.

The Bank often would have the hottest celebrities of the time either guest hosting or as dj’s including stars such as Iggy Azalea, Jaime Foxx or Bruno Mars. No word yet from MGM Resorts on what will replace the The Bank although if you need other options at the Bellagio then the Hyde with its amazing views of the Bellagio fountains from its patio terrace and, the Lilly Lounge are good choices.

At one time every large resort would have a huge state of the art nightclub and seemed like a way to print money with VIP tables and $300 to $10,000 bottles of highly marked up alcohol while they listen to electronic music; but it seems the top clubs such as XS, Marquee and Hakkasan make huge profits while others are less profitable in a very competitive Las Vegas market.

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What No Straw In My Drink

Mandalay Bay

MGM Resorts have announced that they are going to be phasing out the use of plastic straws at its various properties. The program has started at the Aria and Mandalay Bay and will soon happen at all MGM Resorts properties in Las Vegas.

As the program starts you will still be able to request your server or bar tender for a straw but one won’t be automatically added to your drink; The eventually goal of the program is to eliminate all straws from MGM operated clubs, bars and restaurants.

The purpose of this program according to MGM Resorts is to eliminate the waste caused by disposable straws of which the company uses about 100 million a year. I can see how this will eliminate waste, but I can also see how this will save MGM Resorts a lot of money, so I wonder if the main goal is truly just to save the environment or cut out a cost. Either way a lot of places don’t give you drink stirrers anymore so now I cannot use a straw to stir my drink is it okay to use your fingers okay maybe not.

New Nightclub At Golden Nugget

The former Gold Diggers nightclub at the Golden Nugget in Downtown Las Vegas has been replaced with a new nightclub called Troy Liquor Bar from New York. The former Gold Diggers was a nice space but seemed to be confused on what it wanted to be and maybe drew an older crowd than most nightclubs of its type. The new nightclub is open Thursday through Sunday nights and, is advertising itself as the only nightclub under the Fremont Street canopy.

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Tryst To Close For Remodel

Wynn Las Vegas

The very popular Tryst nightclub at the Wynn have announced that they will close for an extensive remodel after Halloween with the club likely to be closed for at least six months. The club crowd still has numerous places on the Strip to pay for expensive drinks while they dance to electronic music, although closing for a remodel before the usually lucrative New Year’s events is a little unusual.