Kardashian Khaos To Close

Kardasian Khaos the boutique fashion  store at the Mirage has announced it will close on October 30th to make way for a coffee shop. In recent times coffee shops were cutting hours or closing so this is a double win a new coffee shop plus one less place to see the overexposed Kardasian’s. In the video above they talk about themselves of course as well as the soon to close Kardasian Khaos store. (video is courtesy of mlifetv)


Hershey’s Chocolate World Opens

IMAG0257IMAG0256_edited-1Yesterday was the grand opening of Hershey’s Chocolate World at New York New York on the Strip. The new 13,000 square foot two story store showcases the various Hershey products and does things like allowing guests to purchase personalized candy wrappers. Yes this new store does sound a lot like the nearby M&M World located near the MGM but if you like chocolate more choice can’t be a bad thing. On display in the Hershey’s Chocolate World is a model of the Empire State Building made of 1,800 chocolate bars as an 800-pound sculpture of the Statue Of Liberty. If you plan on visiting the store its open from 9am to 11pm daily except Fridays and Saturdays when it stays open to midnight.

Sprinkles Cup Cakes Opens Today

Sprinkles Cupcakes

As you can see in the picture above, today is the day that Sprinkles opens their location today at the Linq. The company is known for their cupcakes such as the Red Velvet cupcake and other flavors using higher end ingredients than you would usually find in a cupcake as well as their cupcake atm; Yes I did say cupcake atm it’s a atm that dispenses cupcakes instead of money and as you see in the picture a man was testing it out for the opening which is a pretty good job if you ask me. A year or so ago the cupcake store was a little bit of a fad and several stores opened such as the one at the Plaza which has since closed; But this is the company that started the trend and got all the exposure on television shows and, with a great location at the Linq they should do well. At the grand opening today is Holly Madison a favorite of this site who will be the first one to use the cupcake atm so if you are close by check out the event.