CES Is Cancelled

The Consumer Electronics Show or CES as many call it is the largest convention of the year bringing huge crowds of conventioneers to Las Vegas every January. The attendees and the news media from around the world come to see the latest in consumer electronic products.

Now comes more bad news for Las Vegas the 2021 CES show has been cancelled with the show due to return in 2022 because of the current pandemic situation. The cancelling of the event is a huge blow to Las Vegas as the show usually brings 150,000 people to Las Vegas in a slow time of the year spending millions of dollars.

If you have ever tried to get a cab, Uber or Lyft during the CES show or checked out room rates near the Las Vegas Convention Center you know how big the show is. The cancellation of CES isn’t a big shock as getting people flying in from around the world to attend the event even in January maybe hard but it’s still not good news for Las Vegas.

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