Cheap Skate Deal: $3.99 Breakfast At Circus Circus

Okay im not a big fan of the food at Circus Circus its very bland but they do have a graveyard breakfast special in their Pink Pony coffee shop. The special is 2 eggs,hash browns,toast, bacon or sausage and coffee for $3.99 from 11pm to 5am Sundays through Thursdays except holidays. If you are up at that hour my guess is you won’t be looking for gourmet food anyway just food to keep you going and soak up the beer, so this might be worth a try; Plus at these hours the screaming kids that are usually around Circus Circus will be a sleep. Also at that hour my eyes will be a sleep enough so i miss the clown stuff (not a fan of clowns sorry). (702) 734-0410

Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while.

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