It looks like the threat of a citywide strike from members of the culinary and bartenders unions may have lessened as MGM Resorts have followed Caesars Entertainment in reaching a tentative deal with the unions. This deal if it holds will stop a strike which was authorized by its members and could have happened as soon as June 1st but was delayed because of the ongoing talks.

If the deal is finalized with the two largest operators on the Strip it would mean that 18 of 34 Las Vegas resorts would avoid a possible strike and deals would still have to be made with the other resorts. A strike would be bad for Las Vegas visitors as well as the resort owners and, union members so hopefully the deals can be worked¬† out to avert a strike. The strike vote wasn’t just about money and concerns things such as employee safety and a big issue is job security in a time when technology could replace a lot of jobs. I have been visiting Las Vegas often for a lot of years and remember the strikes of the Eighties in Las Vegas as well as the last citywide strike in Las Vegas in 1984 hopefully that threat will be over soon.