Coinless Slot Machines Now Everywhere

Over the last few years the slot machines in Las Vegas have changed a lot. First of all most machines now do not take coins only bills and then when you hit a jackpot the money is just listed as credits no coins drop out. When you cash out you get a slip of paper with the amount on it plus a barcode. You can either take this slip or paper and slide it in another machine for credits or you can take it to the cashier or a machine next to the cashier to exchange it for bills. One upside is you don’t have to take racks of dollar coins for example over to be cashed out. I can see the cost savings for the casino not having to pay coin attendants or people to fill the machines but i still miss having real money in my hand when useing the slots but maybe thats just me. Another difference with the modern slots is most of them couldn’t be called one arm bandits anymore because most of them don’t have an arm any more just a button on the front to spin the reels. More of the machines now are video displays as opposed to the old reel machines.

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