You see them up and down the Strip as well as Downtown on Fremont Street the costumed characters; The characters might be Spider-Man, Wonder Women, Batman or a sexy showgirl or various other characters.

Whatever the costumed character they are there to pose with locals or tourists for a fee. The fee part sometimes comes as a surprise to tourists after they have taken the picture or pictures.

What follows can be a not pleasant scene as the characters ask for their tip there is nothing worse than a angry character in a Barney costume. Okay any Barney costume is scary even when not angry but that’s beside the point.

When the characters first started appearing they were asking tips of a dollar or two for a picture now most are asking $5 or more.

I have no problem with the costumed characters making money and, standing on the Strip in hot weather in a costume doesn’t sound easy; But I do wish there was signs posted explaining that taking a picture with a costume character is for a fee.