DayDream Opens Tomorrow

Over the next few weeks we will see many of Las Vegas pool day clubs that haven’t already started, open for the season. Tomorrow sees the Day Dream Day Club open at the popular off Strip M Resort which will open at 11am and be open from 11am to 6pm on weekends as well as holidays for the season. Guests must of course be 21 and there is no cover charge for hotel guests as well as ladies over 21 and the cover for men is $20. The question always asked is why do the men have to pay, well a pool full of women will attract men who will be willing to pay, a pool full of men won’t necessary attract women thats just the way it is. Apart from the live music and of course dancing as well as drinking you can also rent a cabana or day bed or maybe a couch for when you need to relax and catch your breathe for a bit. For more information or to reserve a cabana etc, contact the M Resort at (702) 797-1808.


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