Discount Same Day Show Tickets

If you plan to see a show in Las Vegas at good place to start is at one of the many discount show ticket booths springing up on the strip. Most of these places open at noon and sell tickets for that nights shows at usually up to half off. The availability of shows varies everyday. Usually you won’t find tickets for the hottest shows but you will find a large selection. They usually have a scrolling board that has tickets available and the price per ticket. The best thing is to bring one of the free show guides with you to look up the shows. These ticket locations are located up and down the strip. If you are looking for a particular show try these ticket booths as well as the hotel box office where the show is playing. One tip is to avoid the ticket booths set up in hotel lobbies or shopping areas because these places tack on a service charge on the price of the ticket.

Discount Ticket Locations:
*Next to Harley Davidson Cafe
*Fashion Show Mall Strip Entrance
*oppersite Stardust Hotel
*Next to Coke Cola & M&M store

Most of the free show magazines available in hotel lobbies also have discount coupons which you can use at hotel box offices

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