Downtown GrandWhen plans were announced about turning the former closed Lady Luck in to the Downtown Grand one of the areas that got a lot of discussion was the new rooftop pool being added to the remodeled hotel. Apart from the pool with the usual cabanas etc. one feature that got attention was the picnic area near it; the picnic area was to feature real grass and be available for locals events such as screening movies on the rooftop. Well the real grass idea was replaced by the fake kind my guess, irrigating real grass on a roof of a casino isn’t an easy thing to do but the space is still there and just opened. No word yet on planned events for the space although ads for the new urban rooftop pool experience do say that public access is subject to availability. Downtown is short of hotel pools so this opening is welcome and a public lawn area for events sounds interesting we will have to see how often its used for that. The space can also rented for wedding receptions for 1,500 guests which maybe become a popular space for that but lets hope the space is available for public access events often too.