Repeat visitors to Las Vegas often have certain traditions or places they visit on every trip that could be having a drink at a certain bar or food at a certain restaurant or something else they generally do. One thing I do on most trips to Las Vegas be it at three in the afternoon or three am is a trip to Du Pars restaurant in the Golden Gate Downtown for their huge fluffy pancakes or a corned beef hash breakfast. It looks like I will have find a new Las Vegas tradition as last night Du Pars closed with a press release saying that the closure was for financial reasons. Du Pars still has four locations in Southern California including a location at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles as well as an additional location in Las Vegas at the Suncoast resort. I cannot see myself visiting the Suncoast resort on every trip as the location is a bit far from the Strip although I can see myself making the occasional trip for the big fluffy pancakes. Las Vegas has always been a city of constant change and that will never stop, so as things change I guess I must start a new tradition somewhere else. I started visiting Las Vegas in 1984 and many of the resorts from then have gone such as Sands, Dunes, Marina, Hacienda, Sahara, Frontier, Barbary Coast, Boardwalk, Stardust, Landmark and Riviera are gone just to name some (yes I’m old); I will miss Du Pars but in a city with new places all the time I will find new favorite places that I enjoy visiting again and again.