Thank you everyone for you readership and feed back it’s appreciated. Las Vegas is going through tough times right now and it’s likely to get worse in the next few months.

I have been writing this blog since 2005 more as a labor of love than a real money maker.

My personal life like Las Vegas is going through a tough period right now I live in air bnb a few nights a week and live on the street the rest. I’m not saying this to make anyone feel bad it’s just life sometimes turns for the worst I never would have expected to be homeless but it happened.

Because of my current situation and, also because a lot of the news coming out of Las Vegas is about layoffs I have decided to switch to a Tuesday and Thursday post schedule from now on.

The goal of this website from day one was to inform visitors with Las Vegas news and information that helps them make better use of their precious Las Vegas time.

I think having fresh content each Tuesday and Thursday instead of spread out through the week could end up being a plus. Thank you long time readers and welcome new readers Las Vegas always comes back stronger after each downturn and it will again.