Okay first i want to thank everyone for there continued support of the site and i hope i can help you make the best of your next Las Vegas trip. More and more people are using the rss feed which is great and probally the best way to keep updated on all the posts. I have added a link to Cheap Skate Las Vegas Guide which is my new site and just has the cheap food, room and hotel deals and tips for people on a budget or saving money on there trip. You won’t find reviews of the Venetian or Bellagio but you will find reviews of places like Las Vegas Club, El Cortez and even Gold Spike. A note on the larger ad bar on top of the site i put it back because of in internet explorer the site doesn’t view proablly the ads are pushed to the bottom and those are what supports this site. The site views properly in Firefox, Mozilla and Safari which are better browsers anyway so if you can view with them. If you have questions or comments you don’t want to post on the site email me at panstey2002@yahoo.com