The cafe at the near Strip Ellis Island casino has long been a favorite for many because of its good value for money food options; I often used to visit the Ellis Island cafe but after several times of iffy service I have skipped stopping by there for food. Today I decided to give it another try and after I walked to the counter the hostess said “is the lounge okay” and before I could answer walks to the lounge which is actually the bar. I presume I was seated in the bar instead of the restaurant proper because I was by myself. I sat in the bar which they call the lounge for fifteen minutes listening too two drunk bar patrons shout at each other as they discussed which store or supermarket is best to buy liquor the conclusion it seems is Albertsons. Nothing is better when trying to enjoy a quiet meal than listening to drunk people yell at each other. If I was in a sports bar or brew pub I would expect some loud noise but not in a restaurant or cafe. Just before the waitress came by another patron was seated next to me and the waitress didn’t ask who was first she just started helping him yes I could have said something but I figured I would just order after. The customer then asked for meatloaf and the waitress said she didn’t think they had it and then two co workers told her they didn’t so then she headed off to the kitchen to ask the cook. After returning and informing the customer they didn’t have it the customer couldn’t decide what to get and the waitress went through a handful of coupons he had and explaining what each was on the menu. This took a long time and at this point I decided enough was enough and got up and left. I then headed over to Metro Pizza at Ellis Island and ordered two huge slices of cheese with a soda and because it was 2 for 1 Thursday’s I got both slices of pizza which was really good for $3 plus $2 for the soda I definitely will be back to Metro Pizza. I will give up on the Ellis Island cafe but the food is good and maybe if you are in a group you will have better luck with service.