Elvis A Rama To Close

Elvis A Rama an off strip Elvis Museum has been sold to Elvis Presley Enterprises who have announced they plan to close it. The current owner has keep the rights to the name in Hawaii so my guess is he will open one there. Elvis Presley Enterprises said they will not use the Elvis A Rama name but will keep the memorabilla and the website. From people i know that have visited the museum have said they were disapointed with the experiance. I have mean’t to visit many times but because of its off strip location i have never got around to it. I hope that Elvis Presley Enterprises will find a near location on the strip for the museum. I think if they do open a museum on the strip they will do a far better job than the previous Elvis A Rama did. With the Aladdin being changed to the Planet Hollywood theme i think that would be a perfect place for a new museum. Elvis is connected to Las Vegas in so many ways it would be fitting to see a top notch attraction concerning Elvis on the strip. By the way if you want to see the jump suit Elvis wore in his Las Vegas television special its loacted at the Las Vegas Hilton in a case outside the showroom.

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