Free Attraction: CBS Televison City

The CBS Television City Research Center is a free but strange attraction located inside the MGM Grand. They showcase CBS shows as well as shows from the Viacom networks like MTV: You get to see shows pilots and other stuff before its been aired and then you complete a touch screen survey about what you have just seen. You are also invited to join the entertainment panel and complete online surveys from home. To me this is weird going all the way to Las Vegas and then sitting in front of a television so they get information on what shows you like and don’t like. You could end up sitting and watching a show like Survivor or CSI or you could be forced to watch a really terrible pilot show. This doesn’t sound fun to me but if it does to you screenings begin at 10am to usually around 9pm. A note some of the shows may not be suitable for children. I have posted a link following this article for more information.
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