When the movie Titanic came out the beautiful song in the video above performed by diva Celine Dion was played constantly on the radio until it drove many of us nuts. The amazing vocal talents of Celine Dion as well as this catchy song made the French Canadian songstress a popular artist who has had numerous hits and won just about every award possible numerous times. When Celine Dion first came to Las Vegas i don’t think anyone would have expected that she would be selling out shows for years and become the modern day Queen Of Las Vegas headliner shows. After many years of performances at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Celine took time off to take care of her sick husband but now she is back again selling out the 4,300 seat arena. The show may not be for everyone but its its a spectacle headlining show in the vain of Elvis with at 31 piece orchestra and band as well as stunning backdrops and sets. During the show Celine performs her many hits plus some covers including one from Journey as well as stopping once in a while to talk to the audience. The ticket prices start at a quite reasonable $55 plus taxes and fees for a Las Vegas headliner and go up from there. The show is dark on Mondays but runs Tuesday through Sunday with a start time of 7:30 pm. (Video courtesy of Celine Dion, Vevo and Sony Music Entertainment Canada)