Front Yard Finally Open

It seems like forever but the Front Yard at Ellis Island has finally opened after being announced way back in July 2017. The official grand opening is today but it has been open to the public for a little while with a soft opening. which isn’t unusual.

The Front Yard addition to Ellis Island fills the whole front of the casino and is temperature controlled with large picture windows overlooking the Strip from the upper deck.

There is a bar with video poker plus a second bar without the video poker as well as numerous television screens to show sports including one that is 18 feet wide.

The new Front Yard has its own kitchen for sports bar food as well as the bars serve beer from the properties Ellis Island Microbrewery. Ellis Island for me has always been a spot for food specials at its coffee shop but maybe i will have to make a stop at the new Front Yard for a beer and some food.

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