Lots of the casinos in Las Vegas offer free gaming lessons taught by experts in the casino. These lessons are usually free and are often held in the mornning hours. To take advantage of most of these lessons you usually just have to show up. If you know the rules and how to play a game your chances of doing well are better. Some people are weary of these classes because they wonder why would the casino help you win. The house has an advantage in most games in Las Vegas so they are going to get to keep a percentage of money bet some people will win some will lose. Steve Wynn said on CNBC recently it doesn’t matter if people win because the house (casino) will keep roughly 20 percent so the idea for them is to get more people through the door. So taking the classes will help you become a better player and more likely be a winner.

Some hotels offering lessons:
Barbary Coast – craps
Circus Circus – blackjack,craps,roulette
Excalibur – blackjack,craps,roulette,poker
Gold Coast – craps
Imperial Palace – blackjack,craps,roulette,poker
Lady Luck – blackjack,craps
Luxor – varies depending on day ask a dealer or pit boss
Monte Carlo – craps,poker
Sahara – craps,poker
Stardust – varies depending on day ask a dealer or pit boss
Stratosphere – poker
Tropicana – blackjack,caraps,roulette

This isn’t a complete list but an idea of free lessons offered, check with your casino for lessons and, the times they are offered.