Just about all the casino’s in Las Vegas offer slot cards. These cards that look like plastic credit cards are what most casinos use to rate you on your play for comps. Comps are things like free buffets or drinks or even hotel rooms depending on how much you play. The cards are free and easy to sign up for with a pictured drivers license or passport. Sometimes when you sign up you get discount coupons or maybe a free gift a keyring or sometime small. On most slot machines they have a card reader that will tell you how many points you have towards comps. The card must be put in each machine before you or giving to the dealer if you are at a table. The cards are usually attached to bungee like thing which you are surposed to keep attached to you so you don’t lose the card. This can be quite amusing as people try to walk away with the card in the slot still. On my last trip i had to rescue a older lady who had got herself tied up in it. Okay back to the subject even if you don’t plan to gamble that much even by signing up gets you on their mailing list which means they will send you discounted room deals. This can be a big money saver on your next trip to Las Vegas. Some casinos offer you cash back or freebies which can be earned while playing. My suggestion is to sign up for slot cards because they can be a money saver. Because of the consolidation in Las Vegas one card is good at several properties which cuts down on the number of cards. A nice feature that a few hotels have such as Fitzgeralds is machines where you slde your card and they tell you what comps you have earned. Generally the smaller properties on the strip as well as the casinos downtown and off the strip are more generous with the comps.