The El Cortez has a service i’m not quite sure about, its called Gambling Gourmet where during the hours of 7:30 am and 10:30 pm they bring your food and drinks right too you at your slot machine or table game. I have seen this in action where they wheel a cart full of food next to players in the casino so they could continue playing without stopping to get up to eat. I could see ordering maybe an egg sandwich for breakfast or maybe a different type of sandwich for lunch but i have seen people eat full meals at their slot machine with knifes and forks. In my case i use going to get food as a break from the gambling especially if i’m not doing well so i cannot see using this service but the El Cortez has had it for a while so i guess it does get used enough. Myself I would rather see them come by with hot towels, free coffee or free finger sandwiches like Slots Of Fun used to in days past but for now i guess i will have to make do with packages of crackers left over from my shrimp cocktail oh well. [Story Courtesy LV Downtown Now]