Getting Married In Las Vegas

Last year 128,250 marriage licenses were issued in Las Vegas. If you want to join them a Nevada license costs $55 payable in cash only at the Clark County Marriage Bureau at 200 3rd street in downtown Las Vegas. Its hours are 8am to midnight on Monday to Thursday and then on Friday its open from 8am and not closing to midnight Sunday. The licenses are good for up to a year amd you can get married at the Office Of Civil Marriages on any of the many chapels through out town. No blood test is required and there is no waiting period. If you drive down the strip there are loads of small chapels where you can have every kind of service some of them are open 24 hours a day; Also most of the resort hotels have there own chapels as well as rooms for the reception after. Its weird walking around Las Vegas and seeing several brides playing slots or walking around. I went to see Howie Mandel once and there was a bride and groom in the front row, they had decided to go to the show right after the wedding insted of going up to there honeymoon suite. That wouldn’t be my choice even though Howie was good.

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