Google Pay For Monorail Tickets

If you plan to use the monorail during your time in Las Vegas they have now added the option to use Google Pay to pay for your ticket. Several transit systems around the country now allow you to use Apple Pay in cities such as Portland and Salt Lake City but the Las Vegas monorail is the first transit system to allow Google Pay.

To take advantage of Google Pay and use the virtual transit ticket you must first buy a ticket from the monorails website and, then download it to your Google Pay app on your phone. Once at one of the seven monorail stations the rider will hold their phone to one of the electronic readers near the turnstiles and use it as your ticket.

At this time Apple Pay isn’t accepted on the monorail but most likely that will be added later as well as other electronic ways to pay for your fare. In Europe as well as Asia and many African countries, people are much more used to using their phone as a payment device than in the United States but that is gradually changing.

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