Gourmet Rooms Are They Worth It?

A lot of the hotel-casinos especially on the strip have something called a gourmet room. This is basically a fancy restaurant where most often the meal has many courses and very good service. The food is usually of the highest quality and mostly very good. One thing that comes with this is high prices and when i say high i mean really high. Basically most hotels use these rooms to comp there high end players and anybody else that is willing to pay these prices all the better for them. Generally i skip these rooms because of the price to me it seems a waste just for a meal i would rather use the money for several meals at Mesa Grill in Ceasars Palace instead for example. I do have two exceptions there is two gourmet rooms i would go to one is the Micheal’s in the Barbary Coast and the other is Hugo’s Cellar which is downtown in the Four Queens.


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